Organic Veals

An installation by Nico Hsieh and Slava Balasanov

Organic Veals are anthropomorphic pieces of raw meat that lead a comfortable organic lifestyle. They enjoy organic veggies, exercise and plentiful sleep. A large box containing the actual Veals (raw meat puppets) is the focus of the installation. Here the audience can observe and study the creatures. The Veals are connected to motors and sound-generating devices that enable them to participate in many human activities.

Projected behind the box is an interactive video of an abstract meat locker. It is desolate and cold. The Veals who cannot afford the organic lifestyle reside here.

The installation aims at examining the human nature through raw meat. Fundamentally it is what we are. There is something about raw meat that calls out to our primitive selves and seldom fails to elicit a reaction, whether its repulsion or excitement. Seeing the humanized Veals reminds us of ourselves and can encourage us to rethink our attitude, outlook and relationship to the outside world. A secondary theme is a commentary on the "organic" culture that has recently become an emblem of a social class division, making it obvious that leading a healthy lifestyle and eating quality food is a privilege not many can enjoy.

Nico: zeroevilz at_sign ddot com
Slava: slava at_sign momentsound ddot com

Diagram of installation: (click for bigger image)