Moment Sound is a label that is maintained and curated by a few musicians from the city of wind – Chicago. It is an audio story, a journal if you will. A story about this moment – the singularity at the center of the vortex that continuously propels us from the past into the future. Each release is designed to suspend the current of time and transport the listener into the world of the moment – a place where future and past co-exist in the present. In this world music is stripped of its immediate contextual baggage down to its essence – its sound – leaving the listener room to create a unique and personal relationship with the music.


Moment Sound also promotes and curates a variety of art and electronic music events in Chicago. If you would like to perform you can email but keep in mind that we are very particular in who we book. You can find more information about past shows in the events sections of the site.

current residencies are:

Living Sundays @ Rodan – 1530 N Milwaukee – every first Sunday of the Month
Heartbeats @ Morseland – 1218 Morse Ave – every Wednesday

feel free to send us demos or links to music (or anything else) we might enjoy
we will listen to everything but respond only in the case we absolutely love it
you can email us here:

slava AT momentsound DOT com
garo AT momentsound DOT com
lokua AT momentsound Dot com

The free music on the site is licensed under a Creative Commons License Creative Commons License.
Please get in touch with us if you would like to use the music from this site for your own project.