Lokua has just released a 16 track rampage of what our good friend Slowerson refers to as “No Compromise” techno. All original sound design (no samples), and a complimentary Ableton instrument and effect library of over 150+ racks and presets to inspire fellow producers. The album is “choose your price”.

available at Don’t Trust Humans
or BandCamp


sleeping wide awake

Radius - Sleeping Wide Awake

No doubt our society is complacent. Is Hollywood’s never ceasing fascination with the walking dead any wonder? Radius’ Sleeping Wide Awake is a call from a reflecting awareness – wake up. In his own words: “people are zombies ”sleepwalking” and so much going on around them is here to awaken them, they just need a change of diet. Mentally, physically and spiritually I feel music is that cure.”. In essence this is what hip hop has been about since the get (despite what clear-channel and mainstream “you are getting sleeeeeeepy” thrust repeats would have the world believe). Knock Knock. Who’s there? Beats with swagger before “swag” became yet another example of how late pop exploitation decides what’s cool. Radius’ tracks capture a certain meditative quality that is neither ambient or new-agey, a something-a-ruther often missed in music of technological mediums. Chopped and pitched samples, vinyl static, classic breaks, steps without quantization, piercing envelopes, – all played and recorded in real time. Raw. Simply put, Sleeping Wide Awake is a hip hop instrumental album from a true head for true heads and beyond. Enjoy.

download complete zip (high quality .mp3)

More about Radius can be found at the following:

Slava – Soft Control

February 21st, 2012

Moment Sound co-founder Slava has just released a new EP on Software! The label themselves describe it as “techno energy adroitly concealed within a stark matrix of interloping, chrome dipped footwork themes”. Take a listen and support by purchasing.

They've Landed

Kollage - They've Landed

download zip (high quality .mp3)
(archive mirror)

Kollage, an artist based in Chicago, has been involved with music for years. Personal growth and true expression are key in his process and development of music. Pulling from a wide net of influences across genres and time periods becomes evident in listening to the first few tracks. Here are his personal thoughts on the project…

“This album was conceived and recorded live in the late winter months of 2011 at The Haymarket Lofts in Chicago. This body of work was created and arranged from a variety of synths, drum machines and live looping. I hope the sound enters your soul and awakens something within your mind, because music is truly the way we escape, heal and grow.” – Kollage

This album is not genre specific, it is neither hip hop, downtempo, nor space jazz, perhaps a blend of those elements with psychedelic overtones. It is a nefarious fog that unrolls around you, fuzzy analogue textures, throbbing undulating basslines, gently pummeled with syncopated beats. The synthesizer soundscapes are crafted in progressive washes, while tightly tattered beats full of snares, claps and kicks weave themselves thru the composition, the soft skeleton on which modulated melodies are served.

Album Art and Words by Hachem Hosenbux

Kollage on:

Hollyweird 2.0

June 21st, 2011

The good people over at Gritty Goat have just released our friend Tall Black Guy’s Hollyweird 2.0 for free download. Why this thing is free I don’t know because it is straight MONEY. I first caught wind of Detroit native TBG at a Chicago all city beat battle where he tied for first place with Kenny Keys. Personally I thought the defending champ Rude One murdered them both in the same way I thought The Opus murdered Rude One the previous year but still, nobody can fuck with TBG’s head nod factor. I’ll never forget the first time our Moment Sound brother Garo booked TBG for a show at Darkroom as he brought his entire desktop and rocked Sonic Foundry’s Acid program with keyboard shortcuts – killed it. Hollyweird 2.0 is perfect for this time of year – summery glazed soul beats for the BBQ – grab a cutie’s hand and take a walk along the beach before swimming amongst the stars give you a brain aneurism.


Euphorm - Timedraft EP

Download Release

Maxwell Stern, also known as Euphorm, is an electronic producer and DJ from Chicago. His passion for experimental electronics developed through his exposure to the midwest rave scene as a teenager. As a DJ, he currently spins dub and downtempo at Lake Forest College’s WMXM 88.9fm radio station.

‘Timedraft’ shows Stern’s subdued, organic approach to ambient and micro-house textures. Colorblind starts things off with an insistent rhythm before a series of drones fade into a gentle rainstorm. The EP’s title track conjures a collage of noir-ish beauty, before Essence Unlock reveals a tense, hypnotic loop that weaves in and out of sync with a pulsing drumbeat. Promises meanders into slow-motion introspection; finally, the soothing warm percussion of Blue Dream pushes through one last dreamscape.

Cover by Timothy Dilich
Words by Patty

Lokua Live on RTS.fm

March 4th, 2011

106 miles to Chicago, 106 minutes of Lokua performing original material live for RTS.FM in January of 2011.

Peace and love to Slowerson, dreamlogicc, and of course RTS.FM for making this happen.

You can catch Lokua live every Wednesday for the weekly electronic music night Heartbeats at Morseland in Roger’s Park, Chicago from 10pm-2am.


Recorded at Morseland for Heartbeats
27 October 2010

In anticipation of the impending Halloween, our theme for the night was “Spooky Techno”; also on the bill was Lokua and Trevael. Subtle samples and special effects were layered over dark tracks to enhance the spooky feel. Enjoy!

 Qbot_Heartbeats_10-27-10: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (7702)

[intro] Converter: Fallen
Tadeo: Winds Of Glory [Marcel Dettmann remix]
Marc Houle: Seeing In The Dark
Magda: Doom Disco
Plastikman: I Don’t Know
Marcel Dettmann: Motive
Frank Martiniq: Blast Corps
BCR Boys: Personlichkeitstest [Snello remix]
Andy White: Crash
Alex Di Stefano: Multiverse
Alan Fitzpatrick: Face Of Rejection
Luix Spectrum: Seven Deadly Sins [Gaga remix]
Blood & Tears: Falling Down
Speedy J + Chris Liebing: Magnit Express
DJ Pierre: I Am Acid [Loco & Jam remix]
[outro] This Morn’ Omina: Seeker


World of Spirits

August 8th, 2010

world of spirits

World of Spirits by slava

cover drawing by gerry mak

Garo – Steamship

May 23rd, 2010

you can grab the mp3 here:

 Garo - Steamship [5:25m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (3988)

All Boy All Girl Mix

May 14th, 2010

a mix i did recently for the merit/demerit blog

all vinyl, a lot of new stuff, a lot of chicago-related stuff


All Boy All Girl Mix by Slava

 All Boy All Girl Mix by Slava: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (3569)

1. Robert A. A. Lowe & Roze Lazar – Tajdaj Ondoj
2. Omar Souleyman – Jani (2)
3. Garo – Steamship
4. Chandeliers – Mr Electric
5. Le Matin – Je ne veux pas vivre comme ca
6. Hieroglyphic Being – The Pineapple Effect (Future Jazz Version)
7. White Car – A Figure in the Dark
8. Golden Birthday – A Kiss Away
9. Survive – Lunar Eclipse
10. Mitch Mitchel – Gene King – Never Walk Out on You
11. Arthur Russell – All Boy All Girl
12. Tortoise – On the Chin
13. Robert A. A. Lowe & Roze Lazar – Crayon Gym
14. Yusef Lateef – Gettin’ Sentimental
15. Omar Souleyman – Don’t Wear Black, Green Suits You Better

Moment Sound Vol. 1

March 9th, 2010

The vinyl is in and the first few copies have been shipped out!!!
Here is a free promo track from the album:

 Slava - Anything [6:58m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (3390)

You can also see Lokua’s Violence Jack video below.

Preview other tracks and order your copy directly from us HERE

You can also order it from Groove Distribution in the US and Clone Distribution in Europe

Violence Jack / Belle

February 10th, 2010

“Violence Jack” by Lokua (featured on Moment Sound Vol. 1 compilation)
Video by Slava

“Belle” by Lokua (featured on the Water-Rock album available for free download at Soft Phase net-label)
Video by Chuck Przybyl (more at 10KLux)

Music From Mathematics Vol. 3

January 23rd, 2010

A song by Slava is featured on a new Mathematics compilation 12′!
In case you don’t know, Mathematics Recordings, operated by Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being, is a magic forward-thinking label in Chicago with deep house roots. It’s THE BEST.


Shapes of Summer by slava