Slava - Sunflower

Slava – Sunflower

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Moment Sound celebrates the release of “Sunflower”, a diverse collection of songs from one of our primary founders, Slava. For the past several years Slava has been playing and organizing events throughout Chicago focusing on the advancement of live electronic music and art culture. Like his many performances, Sunflower spans a wide array of styles while maintaining a certain atonement that is uniquely “Slava”.

Beyond the use of complex harmonies and unpredictable yet familiar melody lines is an almost obsessive approach to texture and timing. This is what happens when you put a jazz-man on a beat machine. His coolness transcends the temporality of trend and the artistic result is well-rounded music. Simultaneously ingenious and humble, the overall sound of this release can be described as contemplative, ambient yet attention grabbing, aromatic. Stay tuned for more release and live recordings from Slava in the near future.


Vocals on “Sunflower”, “Oaks and Pines” and “This Love is Fragile” by Scott McGaughey
“It’s Better to be Lonely” is a remix of John Lee Hooker’s live version of Tired of Being Your Doggie (a.k.a. I Wish You Could Change Your Ways); “Sundrenched Clearing” is a remix of Complimentary by Colorlist
Cover drawing by Aga, design by Slava

contact: myspace | slava AT momentsound DOT com

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