Moment Sound Vol. 1

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The Moment Sound Vol. 1 compilation is the inauguration of the vinyl series of the Moment Sound label. It is comprised of original material by its founders Garo, Lokua and Slava. Swirling analog synths, dark pensive moods and intricate drum programming fill out the LP and at times evoke references to vintage Chicago house, 80′s horror-synth, British dub and cosmic-tinged electro. A soft, dreamlike atmosphere coupled with an understated intensity serves as the unifying character of the compilation.


Moment Sound is a multi-faceted label overseen by by musicians from Chicago – Garo, Lokua and Slava. All three share a fascination with and desire to uncover the essence of music – its primal building blocks. Minute details of old and new songs of various genres are sliced and dissected, their rhythmic and melodic elements carefully analyzed and cataloged to be recombined into a new, unpredictable yet classic sound. Performing live electronics together since early 2000s – anywhere from art galleries to grimy warehouse raves and various traditional music venues – they have proven to be an undeniable and highly versatile force in the Chicago music scene.

Moment Sound does not have a static “sound”. Instead, the focus is on the aesthetic of innovation rooted in tradition – a meeting point of the past and the future – the sound of the moment. The goal of the label is to present the listener with high-caliber music that reaches beyond the boundaries of genres, trends or cliches.


Watch the video for Violence Jack by Lokua
Download free mp3: Slava – Anything

download pdf press release: Moment Sound Vol. 1

Cover art by Wesley Stokes
White vinyl LP, limited pressing of 500

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You can also order it from Insound (use coupon code moment10 for an extra 10% discount!) and Groove Distribution in the US and Clone Distribution in Europe


“The album is soft and approachable, yet carries weight as a legitimate go-to record in any electronic music DJ set. …Solid and very promising electronic music….placing Moment Sound at the top of Chicago’s local electronic scene…”
- Jake Guidry, Chicagoist

“Behind the slapping analogue basses and clinical arpeggiated synths populating these jams there is quite a pensive and somber mood running through like a slowly progressing zinc tear on an alloy polymer cheek.”
- Don’t Die Wondering

“An excellent album with … deep, melodic, dark, atmospheric and uplifting music. Skillfully programmed and often challenging.”
- 24 Hours

“If you’re up for some 80′s-style electronics, make sure to check this one out ’cause it’s awesome.”
- No Conclusion

“The album’s seven tracks are all thoroughly well-crafted exemplars of a house style resolutely committed to synthetic design. The producers aim to draw from the deep traditions established by their forebears and update them into an ultra-modern, future-oriented style. In that all three succeed.”
- Textura Magazine

“I´m really into the collection of super tripy-romantic-oldschool songs;-)))my full support!!!”
- Mathias Kaden (Freude am Tanzen, Vakant)

“Cool stuff!”
- Minimal Wave