Here is a demo of the new set I’ve been working on. Recorded in real time with two Korg Electribe machines (my first attempt at mixing between two machines, so its still a little sloppy :)

 Minimal Demo Set [28:11m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (33)

drum machine

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5 Responses to “New Minimal Techno/House Set (demo)”

  1. m50 Says:

    hot, I like the beats ^_^

  2. xdj Says:

    thanks for the goodies!

  3. livewire Says:

    sweet sounds!

    we should make an electro track together!
    my crazy bass and wacky vocals…
    your smooth sounds could be really really cool…

  4. edgaras Says:

    Strangely, I played this set while somehow in the background, I had another player playing \slsk\alan watts podcast\who am i_ #2.m4a. It was such a wonderful mix. :) I suggest incorporating some oldies such as alan watts into this cosmological dimensioneless space of music. I have noticed, some musicians incorporate sounds from old movies, or random people talking on the street. I think such idea is very promising to make sets even more abstract.

  5. Kadhja Bonet Says:

    The gammon 5 piece is really a good one. This review really got the bests ones from the market!

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