Lokua - Nightmare in Crook County Vol. 1

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It has been almost a year and a half since the release of “Trails” most which Lokua spent honing his craft in a suburban basement on the outskirts of Chicago and performing more than weekly in various Chicago venues. At this point, there does not exist a corner of electronic music Lokua has not yet made his own and the release is a reflection of this. A great variety of styles are brought together with a strong and coherent narrative structure and a unique “Lokua sound”.
This is a horrifically dark, enigmatic and twisted side of Lokua. Yet the sublime, and at times tender, finesse makes one wish that the sun never shone and we were eternally trapped in the subterranean dungeon of his sick nightmare. Many daemons have been unleashed over the past few years and quite a few extra-terrestrial spirits summoned in order to channel the energy towards a greater musical good that starts out as a soundtrack to your life and slowly becomes life itself.

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10 Responses to “[m_007] :: Lokua – Nightmare in Crook County Vol. 1”

  1. Slava Says:

    And oh my, Ghost Disco is the ultimate dance-floor murderah. Why isn’t this out on vinyl!?!? oh yeah… if only we had the timing down a little better, which we will soon!

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  3. searchl1te Says:

    sweeet. got this bumping at work.

  4. Soph Says:

    FINALLY got to hear this….I’ve definitely entered another dimension, good work. Love that interlude, track 5 and track 7. White van is just down right creepy……….you are so effin talented!

  5. shazam_bangles Says:

    I included Ghost Disco on my mix…Chicago til the world blow!

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  10. Xto Says:

    Just saw this one … got it with my morning cofee.
    7AM = Ghost Disco …. sweeeeeet

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