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Kollage - They've Landed

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Kollage, an artist based in Chicago, has been involved with music for years. Personal growth and true expression are key in his process and development of music. Pulling from a wide net of influences across genres and time periods becomes evident in listening to the first few tracks. Here are his personal thoughts on the project…

“This album was conceived and recorded live in the late winter months of 2011 at The Haymarket Lofts in Chicago. This body of work was created and arranged from a variety of synths, drum machines and live looping. I hope the sound enters your soul and awakens something within your mind, because music is truly the way we escape, heal and grow.” – Kollage

This album is not genre specific, it is neither hip hop, downtempo, nor space jazz, perhaps a blend of those elements with psychedelic overtones. It is a nefarious fog that unrolls around you, fuzzy analogue textures, throbbing undulating basslines, gently pummeled with syncopated beats. The synthesizer soundscapes are crafted in progressive washes, while tightly tattered beats full of snares, claps and kicks weave themselves thru the composition, the soft skeleton on which modulated melodies are served.

Album Art and Words by Hachem Hosenbux

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6 Responses to “[m009]::Kollage – They’ve Landed”

  1. IL. Rapture Says:

    All that eye can say is due do due do due do due… 246…all the way 2 8 + 9 sn back again…yo mic sounds nice cjeck 1!

    Yah yah always blesses 360 ° x ¡

    <3 ¥ :$

  2. The Easy Pace » Kollage Says:

    [...] They’ve Landed Moment [...]

  3. Latest Hip Hop News Says:

    This is cool stuff. Like you said, it doesn’t have a specific genre. Innovation!

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  5. James Hodson Says:

    Big time love from Manchester with beats

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