Electronic Buffet @ Darkroom

February 27th, 2008

Sunday, March 16th

live pa:
Shannon vs the Stranger


live art by Denser

video by: The Machinist, Glen Stephani

Darkroom 2210 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL


electronic buffet

a pre-monthly launch

Sunday, March 23rd
A series of events dedicated to live electronic music and real-time visuals:

Producers come with samplers, keyboards and beat boxes fully set to stun while video artists decorate Rodan’s large projections screen with eye-candy.

Live PAs by:
+ special guest: Beatrix Jar
from Minneapolis

DJ set by: M50

Rodan 1530 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL


electronic buffet

Shiku Garu: Puppy Love

February 4th, 2008

minimal shiku garu

including, but not limited to: killer live PA sets, tzusing’s fresh-off-the-boat dj set, shiku garu memorabilia, aesthetic response magazine release.

it will take place in a magical gold-filled land: El Dorado

sign up for the mailing list to ensure receipt of location details.

Realtime Showcase

January 9th, 2008

realtime flyer


ft. Miles Tilmann

myspace: myspace.com/milestilmann
website (with tons of free music!): webhole.com

with residents Garo, Slava-Crane

concrete function

The Opus’ Sound Lounge

December 6th, 2007

RSVP for free entry @ more@theopusonline.com

sound lounge


Sunday December 2nd

Live PA:


Coyote DG

Live Video:

Glen Stephani
Mason Dixon
The Machinist

Live Art: Esho

Subterranean 2011 North Ave
9pm | FREE | 21+



October 31st, 2007

Sunday, November 4th:

Live Pa:

The Great Mundane | look out for his brand new release When Falls Arrive on psymbolic
Justin McGrath
The Machinist

Video: Mason Dixon, Machinist

Live Art: Esho

moment 15

flyer photo by Iris Song


Convextion Bio:

Gerard Hanson was born in 1972. He hails from the unlikely environments of Dallas, Texas USA. Little is known about this producer who seems to have Scandinavian roots. His productions have reflections with Basic Channel/Chain Reaction sound. His main inspirations are Juan Atkins and Derrick May. His music also has influences from Stefan Robbers, Red Planet and Carl Craig. He found a way where everything came together: Deepness, Minimalism and Soul, the Detroit-Berlin connection. In 1994 Gerard Hanson and Dan Kurzius started ‘Hardsync’, a Magazine dedicated to electronic music reviews and artist interviews. It has been defunct since 1996 as a result of a computer crash. Hard Sync was an outlet for several Texas-based electronic music enthusiasts to reach out to others around the world that shared similar musical interests. He released his first 12″ in 1995. Ever since his debut 12″ on Matrix in 1995. From 1995-1997, he released 5 ep’s, and then only 2 more in the next 6 years until 2005. The reason he produced so infrequently was because when his first releases came out, the tracks were licensed to some big releasers and he did not get paid for them. After that some other labels approached him but just wanted more of the same and didn’t really seem to understand his sound. They just wanted more of the same sounds. After that he stopped releasing music and produced only for his personal usage. After a couple of years the label Down Low convinced him to pick up his producing again. He is very careful about sharing his music with the rest of the world. In the last decade he only used the aliases Convextion and E.R.P. (Event Related Potential). E.R.P is an electro-edged moniker. Gerard has remained willingly anonymous since his debut in 1995, but he came out of obscurity for a debut European Live performance in London in April 2006. Why he remains unknown is a mystery. In the future we will hear much more from this producer.

The meaning of the word Convection is: the internal movement of currents within fluids or gases.
Aliases: E.R.P., Gerard Hanson, I/O, Syne Language

Convextion Live In London April 30, 2006

(link was found on http://downlowmusic.org/)

Oh yes… its that time again!

Saturday, October 20th
@ Happy Dog
1542 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago IL
free with a space-cadet/android themed costume

Convextion (aka E.R.P. – live – Ai, Down Low, Matrix)
Area (live – Mathematics, Schallschnelle, Fiche, Stratagem, Lefthouse)
Searchl1te (live – Part Time Suckers, Dubstep.fm)
Slava (live)
Garo (live)
Lokua (live)

free beer: 9pm-10pm!

shiku garu

MOMENT 14 ft. No Affiliation

October 1st, 2007

Sunday, October 7th

minimal techno dance party with no affiliation

moment 14


September 8th, 2007

10pm *note* enter through east door!

$1 vodka & whiskey and $1 pbr while supplies last

Tuesday, October 9th:

Slow Children

Tuesday, September 11:

Coyote DG
Slow Children
Slava (dj set)

Tuesday, September 25:

Mike Brankis – no affiliation
E-Nots – no affiliation


MOMENT 13: 1-year anniversary!

August 16th, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Sunday, Sept. 2nd, 9pm

Live Pa:
Abominable Twitch
Garo, Lokua, Slava

DJ: Menowah

Video: Panic Films, Mason Dixon, Machinist

Subterranean 2011 North Ave
free before 10pm, $5 after


July 25th, 2007

SUNDAY, August 5th

ft. special guests Silences Sumire

moment 12 flyer